Escape Trilogy

The Escape Trilogy paperback is NOW AVAILABLE!

For those of you who have followed Andrew and Edmund’s incredible love story, the paperback edition of the Escape Trilogy is now available to order. (Trust me; these boys look beautiful on a bookshelf.)

About the series:

Andrew is an ancient immortal with dark history. Edmund is a human sailor with a thirst for both adventure and violence. Together, they build a love that could last centuries … if ghosts of the past don’t drive them apart.

Escaping Exile

Andrew is a vampire, exiled to an island as punishment for his bloodlust. During a storm, a ship crashes off shore. After rescuing a sailor from cannibals, Andrew becomes fascinated with his new companion, Edmund. Fascination turns to passion, but as cannibals creep closer—and as Andrew’s hunger threatens—can this vampire keep his human alive long enough to explore their newfound love?

Escaping Solitude

Recently returned from exile, vampire Andrew and his beloved human sailor Edmund move to New Orleans where they search for an Elder who can make Edmund immortal. A frantic letter from London propels them overseas, but an accident puts Edmund’s life in jeopardy. Only an Elder can save him, if they can find one in time.

Escaping Mortality

An Elder saves Edmund’s life at sea. Now a vampire, he can stand by Andrew’s side forever, but they must first visit Edmund’s ailing mother in England. The Elder shows an ominous liking to his new sire, while Edmund’s mother’s friend threatens them all. Andrew will do anything to keep Edmund by his side, but his most dangerous adversary may be Edmund himself.

It’s been an amazing journey with Andrew and Edmund. I love these guys, and I’ll miss spending time with them in their world. A toast to all the readers who’ve supported their love story and, in turn, supported me!

PS: If you do buy a copy, feel free to send me a picture of the boys’ happy home in your house! I’m thrilled to have the Escape Trilogy in paperback and thankful for the love you’ve given my beautiful bad boy love birds. Happy reading!

“Exploring fascinating settings like a tropical, cannibal-infested island, the bustling port city of turn-of-the-century New Orleans, and Victorian London, Sara Dobie Bauer propels her vampires through escapades and adventures while weaving a tale of love, dark magic, sensuality, and violence.” – author Elizabeth Lister


How to write a vampire threesome

In celebration of Blood in the Rain 4, let me tell you that writing a threesome took some serious visualization skills. In my new short story “Miracle Monsters,” ancient vampires Flech and Ivy spot Addison at the club. Addison is deaf, and his handicap sets him apart from the sweating, writhing mob. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s freaking gorgeous.) Soon, they take him home and make him a mysterious offer …

But that’s enough. No spoilers here! The only obvious spoiler: yes, there is a threesome in “Miracle Monsters,” and yes, it was hard to choreograph. As a writer, it’s difficult enough writing a scene where three people are talking, let along fu … having fun. They’re having so much fun. My suggestion for writing a threesome scene: use your imagination. Picture everything. And, you know, do your research.

Blood in the Rain 4 is a collection of vampire erotica from Cwtch Press, and you can order your copy today. Read all about it:

Bite me, you say? Be careful what you wish for… These searing vampire short stories go straight to your unspeakably dark desires. Biting, drinking blood, sucking souls—they do it all in this scorching new collection. Whether they are out for a meal or a good time, the vampires in these stories are sure to make you hot and bothered. Savor each story one bite at a time, or devour the collection whole. These tales are sure to entice and ensnare you, whatever your kink or inclination!

Now, go buy all the vampire sexy goodness. Click HERE.

Enjoy an excerpt of my story, “Miracle Monsters” below. (And if Addison maybe looks like Timothee Chalamet, sue me. The kid is hot right now. There miiiiiiiiight be some Only Lovers Left Alive vibes, too …)

“Miracle Monsters:” An Excerpt
by Sara Dobie Bauer
Featured in Blood in the Rain 4

I spotted one such creature under the moving, colored lights. While I leaned halfway on my husband’s lap and played with his long, black hair, I watched the handsome stranger stand off from the crowd, his hip against the bar. He just barely nodded his head to the heavy bass as young men and women shouted at the bartender for another drink and another. He didn’t appear to hear them. When he was approached, I understood why.

“Fletch.” I squeezed his shoulder. “Look.”

The handsome stranger put down his drink and signed. He was deaf. The rapid motion of his hands allowed me a close study of his long, pale fingers. His friend responded in kind, and they laughed together. The stranger had shaggy, dark hair like my husband, so he twitched his head back to clear his view.

“Shall we give him a miracle?” I asked Fletch.

His nose tickled the side of my neck. “You don’t even know the man, dear.”

I wrapped my arms around him, the leather of our jackets sticking together in the muggy club. “But don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to. Look at him.”

“I’m looking.”

“He has the face of an angel, but the body of a man.”

“A boy, perhaps. He’s thin as a rail.”

“But tall. As tall as you.” I kissed the side of his face. “Don’t dare lie to me, husband. You would love to have him in our bed.”

“Your Good Samaritan is showing, wife. You only want to f**k him because he’s deaf.”

“Let me at least meet him.”

Fletch gave my thigh a playful squeeze as the stranger watched the crowd.

“Look how he moves,” I whispered above the music, right in Fletch’s ear. “He can feel the bass but nothing more, yet he watches the way people dance. He moves with them.”

“Like a man stumbling in the dark.”

“Yet, he is the light.”

When a young woman shoved up to the bar, the stranger tilted his body further toward us. Fletch was right, he was thin and delicate in the way flowers are with androgynous features that tricked the eye—every eye—into believing this creature belonged in bed. I could see them all looking, even the rude woman behind him. They all wanted, but we had the advantage: Fletch and I could actually sign.

“Good God, look at that mouth.”

I laughed at Fletch’s low growl.

“Fine. Go on, go get him.” He gave my ass a squeeze as I stood. “Just be sure to bring him back.”

Just in time for Halloween, buy your copy of Blood in the Rain 4 today. Click HERE, and enjoy all the vampire yumminess.

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Hot vampire sex anthology, just in time for Halloween


I blame Anne Rice. I read Interview with a Vampire at an inappropriately young age, so now, mention the word “vampire,” and I’m like, “Bite me, you sexy beast.” (Especially if you look like Alexander Skarsgard.)

As you know, my vamp rom-com novel BITE SOMEBODY comes out next year. BITE SOMEBODY is funny and sweet and, yeah, sexy as hell–but mostly funny. My short story, “Forever Dead,” is not funny but scorchingly hot and now available in Cwtch Press’s Blood in the Rain: Seventeen Stories of Vampire Erotica.

In the words of the anthology’s editors, Cecilia Duvalle and Mary Trepanier, “Forever Dead” brings us “a muscular, vamp-hunting detective with an uncomfortable hankering for a blood-sucking guy.” Zach and Dario are possibly two of my hottest characters to date, and they do really hot things to each other. But they’re not alone.

bloodMore about the anthology: In this collection of erotic vampire tales from authors Northwestern and Northwestern at heart, the creatures range from classic to alien, from dom to sub, from blood-drinking to soul-sucking. In Jeff Mann’s “Summer Solstice Sacrifice,” a burly, kilted vampire faces losing a lover or turning him before it’s too late. Colleen Anderson’s “Hold Back the Night” explores how cultural norms divide two very different women in Mumbai—one of them undead. A male vampire watches his wife solve his murder in Joscelyne Gray’s “The Longest Death of the Year.”

And that’s just a tease. For the full round up, you can buy the Kindle or paperback version at Amazon today. It’s the time of year when all things ghoulish run free. Why not invite a vampire (or several) to your bedroom tonight?

If you want print, click HERE.

If you want Kindle, click HERE.

And to get you hot and bothered, here’s a quick excerpt from “Forever Dead:”

He wasn’t even out of his shoes when I threw my first punch. I lifted him about ten feet off the ground and dropped his dead weight on the kitchen table. I pinned him down and let him know, “I was just playing earlier. Now, I’m gonna kill you.”

He didn’t even yell when I tore at his throat. He barely struggled. Guess he figured when your time’s up, your time’s up. But then his hands were in my hair. He made a pleased “ung” noise, and I felt him, hard against my thigh. Before I knew what the hell I was doing, my mouth covered his parted lips. I shoved my tongue against his teeth, setting up imaginary flags that said “Mine, mine, mine.”