Broken News

BROKEN NEWS: dark M/M mafia romance coming August 22

I recently had an experience that turned me off this whole publishing thing. It was a seriously BAD experience. Off the cuff, I may have threatened to stop writing … which was when my dear friends and amazing author duo Quin&Perin shouted at me from Germany that quitting was not an option. Instead, they were going to help me self publish to see how I could do without the help of an agent or publisher.

The important question: “Do you have an old manuscript you’ve kept hidden?”

The answer: “Actually, yes, I do … but it’s, like, DARK.”

Broken News is an M/M mafia romance featuring age gap, detailed adult content, violence, hurt/comfort, and mentions of rape/dubious consent. In other words, this is a HEAVY READ … but an absolute necessity for fans of my Escape Trilogy.

About the book:

He was supposed to hurt him. Ruin him. Instead, he fell in love.

In the big, bad city, Eric West holds the reins. A mafia king, he is feared, ruthless, and obsessed with a man half his age.

Will, his favorite whore, is young, beautiful, and the only person to ever bring him to his knees.

Will is a man to kill for.
A man to change for.
But what if Will isn’t what he seems?

So far, early readers have been screaming. One Goodreads review said, “the twists and dynamics kept me on the edge of my seat, and I could. NOT. Put it down!”

Another reader definitely acknowledged the hard edge of this violent romance: “It’s common to refer to the main characters in a romance story as the heroes, but there are no heroes in this book. It’s a dark and twisted road full of lies, secrets from the past, violence, and murder.”

So, yeah, um, things get dark … but really sexy, too. Explicitly sexy. You’ve been warned!

With Quin&Perin’s help, Broken News will be released on Amazon on August 22. (The cover reveal is August 8.) In the meantime, be sure to add Broken News to your Goodreads “Want to Read” shelf by clicking HERE. And feel free to spread the word to all lovers of gay romance, dark suspense, and Sara Dobie Bauer smexy time.

I’m seriously pumped for this self publishing experiment. I’ve had so much help already, and I’m very proud of this twisted tale. Initially, I was nervous that Eric and Will’s love story was a little too dark, but EMBRACE THE DARK. Broken News … coming August 22!