New erotic anthology raises money for LGBTQ charity!!!

Sexy short stories are super fun, especially when they’re for charity. Today, COME PLAY has been unleashed upon the world, and I am proud to be part of it. Here’s the gist … Oh, and some of the text in this blog post is definitely NSFW!! Adult words ahead! You’ve been warned!

Watch and Learn if the Coach’s Little Kitten can be Tamed. Follow the Doctor’s Orders and read all about Brotherly Love. Understand Abstract Love and then take a peek at A Kink Chronicles Short. It’s all about Pretty Boys, The Kiss, and Particular Tastes bundled up in this must-have erotic anthology.

Come, play with us.

Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer
A Kink Chronicles Short by Luna David
Brotherly Love by Lynn Van Dorn
Coach’s Little Kitten by Quin Perin
Doctor’s Orders by Emma Jaye
Particular Tastes by T.S. McKinney
Pretty Boy by E.M. Denning
Tamed by T.M. Chris
The Kiss by A.G. Carothers
Watch and Learn by K.C. Wells

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. This charity means so much to me as both a mental health speaker and LGBTQ advocate AND person who has fought my own battles with depression and self-harm.

My short story, “Abstract Love” is a comical enemies-to-lovers, gay-for-you love story between a grumpy corporate exec and a snarky young graphic designer. You’ll find a teaser below, but be sure to buy your copy of COME PLAY today.

Support The Trevor Project, and read some damn fine smut!!!

“Abstract Love” Excerpt

by Sara Dobie Bauer

Sam threw his hands in the air. “Why do you hate me? You’ve hated me since I walked into this fucking office, and I have no idea why! Jesus Christ, you helped hire me!”

What with the envelope and people knowing and all the cruel cackles—and Sam in his office after-hours—it all piled up until, suddenly, Donovan stood right in front of Sam without any memory of moving. He did remember yelling, “You are a disrespectful, spoiled brat who knows nothing about real life because your nose is always stuffed in a sketchbook.”

Probably to get some distance, considering Donovan was practically up his nose, Sam shoved Donovan in the chest. “Well, you’re a miserable, grumpy son of a bitch who hates the world, and nobody fucking likes you!”

Donovan stood up straight and blinked just as Sam dug his hands into his chestnut curls.

“Oh, my God, shit, I’m so sorry. That was a terrible thing to say.”

Donovan felt the lump like vomit in his throat. Do not cry. Not here, not now, not in front of him. At least, those were his initial thoughts, which changed when he really thought about it because—if he was honest—he really … needed … Sam.

He reached out and grabbed Sam’s ugly yellow coat. In fact, he went one better. He pressed Sam against the closed office door and kissed him.

For Donovan, relief was instantaneous. He gripped Sam’s collar and kissed some more. Surprisingly, Sam moaned and kissed back, mouth open wide as his tongue came out to play. His hands clung to the back of Donovan’s head as he made the most delicious sighing noises, and Donovan noticed Sam’s lips were so fucking soft.

They kissed and kissed. Donovan would have kept kissing, a man flailing blindly away from heterosexuality, but Sam eventually tilted his head to the side and said, “Whoa, okay, pump the brakes, big chief.”

They ended up sitting side by side in Donovan’s guest chairs. Neither man spoke for a good five minutes. Donovan stared at the floor while Sam tapped his fingers on his knees.

Finally, he said, “Hello, I’m Sam Shelby. Who the fuck are you?”

Donovan chuckled so he wouldn’t cry.

“You don’t hate me, do you?”

“God, why do you have to smell so good?”

Sam leaned forward in his seat. “It’s Gain laundry detergent and some French cologne my sister bought.”

“I’m sorry I kissed you,” Donovan whispered.

“Don’t be. It was a good kiss.”

“Look, I’m getting a divorce, which apparently the whole office knows about. I haven’t felt anything in months, not until you showed up.” He lifted his head but still didn’t make eye contact. He wasn’t sure he could handle Sam’s baby blues just yet. “You’re so talented. It’s disturbing how talented you are. I hated it at first. I hated you, or at least I thought I did.” He rubbed his hand over his face. “Who gave you the right to come into my life and be so talented and passionate? Who gave you the right to be a light in my dark?”

“Depression is easy, Donovan. It’s the other shit that’s hard.” He sighed and clapped his hands together once. “So. You wanna go fuck?”

Now, that got Donovan’s full attention. “What?”

“We live in the same building. The walk of shame would be really short.”

Donovan stood and backed away from the wily creature he’d erroneously allowed remain in his office. “Sam, I’ve never … well …”

“Fucked a work colleague?” He waggled his dark eyebrows.

“No. I mean, yes, I’ve never fucked a colleague, but I’m saying I’ve never …”

“Been with a brunette?”

“Been with a guy.”

“Oh,” Sam said. “Ohhhhh,” he said again. “Oh?” He leaned back in his chair. He half-chuckled, only part of his mouth curling up in amusement. “But we …” He waved at the office door. “I figured you must—”

“Just you,” he said and ground his teeth together.

Read the rest of Donovan and Sam’s amorous (and educational) adventures in “Abstract Love,” featured in COME PLAY. Go buy it! It’s kinky, and it’s for charity!

Escape Trilogy

The Escape Trilogy paperback is NOW AVAILABLE!

For those of you who have followed Andrew and Edmund’s incredible love story, the paperback edition of the Escape Trilogy is now available to order. (Trust me; these boys look beautiful on a bookshelf.)

About the series:

Andrew is an ancient immortal with dark history. Edmund is a human sailor with a thirst for both adventure and violence. Together, they build a love that could last centuries … if ghosts of the past don’t drive them apart.

Escaping Exile

Andrew is a vampire, exiled to an island as punishment for his bloodlust. During a storm, a ship crashes off shore. After rescuing a sailor from cannibals, Andrew becomes fascinated with his new companion, Edmund. Fascination turns to passion, but as cannibals creep closer—and as Andrew’s hunger threatens—can this vampire keep his human alive long enough to explore their newfound love?

Escaping Solitude

Recently returned from exile, vampire Andrew and his beloved human sailor Edmund move to New Orleans where they search for an Elder who can make Edmund immortal. A frantic letter from London propels them overseas, but an accident puts Edmund’s life in jeopardy. Only an Elder can save him, if they can find one in time.

Escaping Mortality

An Elder saves Edmund’s life at sea. Now a vampire, he can stand by Andrew’s side forever, but they must first visit Edmund’s ailing mother in England. The Elder shows an ominous liking to his new sire, while Edmund’s mother’s friend threatens them all. Andrew will do anything to keep Edmund by his side, but his most dangerous adversary may be Edmund himself.

It’s been an amazing journey with Andrew and Edmund. I love these guys, and I’ll miss spending time with them in their world. A toast to all the readers who’ve supported their love story and, in turn, supported me!

PS: If you do buy a copy, feel free to send me a picture of the boys’ happy home in your house! I’m thrilled to have the Escape Trilogy in paperback and thankful for the love you’ve given my beautiful bad boy love birds. Happy reading!

“Exploring fascinating settings like a tropical, cannibal-infested island, the bustling port city of turn-of-the-century New Orleans, and Victorian London, Sara Dobie Bauer propels her vampires through escapades and adventures while weaving a tale of love, dark magic, sensuality, and violence.” – author Elizabeth Lister

Book Review

Captive Prince is the hottest thing I’ve ever read

My husband was an innocent bystander when he came home to find me more than halfway through CS Pacat’s Captive Prince trilogy. Granted, Jake did have on some spectacularly sexy black trousers and a slim cut button down, so he knew he looked good.

What he didn’t know, when I glanced up from my book, was that after hundreds of pages of sexual tension, Damen and Laurent were finally having sex — so that meant my husband had a frisky wife on his hands, and …

Wait. Let me back up. Once upon a time, a friend of mine, who knew I liked erotica, told me about this series called Captive Prince. I added it to my Amazon Wish List and forgot about it until, by chance, I saw something about the trilogy online and thought I’d buy the first book, just to give it a try.

The trilogy began as an original-fiction web serial, which attracted viral attention before being acquired by Penguin. Captive Prince went on to become a USA Today bestseller and for good reason.

It’s the story of Prince Damen who is betrayed by his brother and sent as a sex slave to their enemy country. There, his true identity secret, he is chosen to be personal slave to ice cold Prince Laurent. Damen recognizes the name, of course, since he murdered Laurent’s older brother on the battlefield years ago. But Laurent is all grown up now, and he does not play nice.

Gorgeous fan art by Cleo. See links below.

In the world created by Pacat, men sleep with men, and it’s the normal way of things, as are sex slaves. Damen is disgusted at the thought of being a slave, especially to Laurent, but luckily, it’s known far and wide that Laurent doesn’t spread his legs for anyone. However, they soon build a begrudging camaraderie, especially since Damen needs to play nice to get back to his home country and murder his conniving brother.

Halfway through book one, I ordered books two and three. The sexual tension was off the charts. I writhed on furniture every time Laurent looked at Damen funny, every time Damen remembered how gorgeous Laurent really was. Pacat strung me along … and along … and along … which was why, when things finally, blessedly, went down, my husband didn’t stand a chance. I pounced.

I’ve written articles previously about how good erotica can be for your sex life. Reading it can set the mood and give you fun ideas for your own boudoir. Yet, the Captive Prince trilogy transcended even my expectations, for a couple reasons …

One: It’s incredibly well written with beautiful descriptions and detailed battle scenes that even a Dungeons and Dragons nerd could get down on. The plot of the entire trilogy is so thrilling, you can’t stop. You have to know what happens next, especially since this sensual tale is rife with villains.

Two:  Laurent and Damen are such well-developed characters, filled with intrigues of their own. They fit so well together (no pun intended), and even when Laurent is being an evil bastard, you still want them to end up cuddling because he’s so sexually vulnerable.

Three: I already mentioned the sexual tension, but … The Sexual Tension. Every time anything happened — a flirty look, a touch of the hand, a brief kiss — I screamed at Jake, “THEY KISSED AHHHHH!” I was hysterical with my need to have Damen and Laurent just do it already.

Finally, four: The actual sex. This is not a spoiler. Sex does happen, okay? And it is good. It is hot and desperate and beautiful. It’s scalding and yet emotional. It’s animalistic and tender. It’s love, baby.

I guess the only speed bump for some people is that this is gay erotica. I’m talking about two dudes, no matter how pretty Laurent is, so if you can’t deal with two dudes in lust, Captive Prince isn’t for you.

It is for me. Pacat’s Captive Prince trilogy is something I will read and reread, with my husband’s obvious blessing. Because of people like me, there’s Captive Prince fan fiction. There’s fan art. There’s a whole community of us rooting for Damen and Laurent. My advice: just buy all three books at once. Otherwise, you’ll go mad with the wanting.

(For more about CS Pacat, visit her website:
(AMAZING fan art provided by Cleo. Learn more about her on Tumblr or Deviant Art.)