I’m leaving WordPress!

Happy Monday! Quickie blog post to let all my subscribers know I’ll be leaving WordPress soon and heading over to Squarespace on Thursday.

Will the website URL change?

Nope! If you go to SaraDobieBauer.com, you’ll still end up on my website; it’ll just look different.

What does this mean for blog subscribers?

I sadly can’t transfer my blog subscribers, so you won’t automatically receive emails whenever I post a new blog anymore.

What can you do?

To keep up with everything that’s happening, follow me on social media:




Facebook private group



What about upcoming book releases?

If you follow me on Amazon, you’ll receive an email every time a new Sara Dobie Bauer book comes out!

Thanks to everyone who has followed my publication journey. Even though I won’t be blogging on WordPress anymore, I’ll still be blogging at my new site. Please keep in touch!

5 thoughts on “I’m leaving WordPress!

      1. Excellent! I’ll look into it before I owe WordPress more money. And I’ll follow your journey wherever you post! You cover topics some of just don’t know how to….lovingly.

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