We Still Live

WE STILL LIVE cover reveal and giveaway

I owe Natasha Snow Designs my first born for this cover design because I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Centered around the aftermath of a college shooting, We Still Live was not easy to write … and it might not always be easy to read due to its heavy subject matter. There are definite moments of levity, though, and sexy sex. (Gotta have the sexy sex.)

About the book:

Running from a scandal that ruined his life, Isaac Twain accepts a teaching position at Hambden University where, three months prior, Professor John Conlon stopped a campus nightmare by stepping in front of an active shooter.

When John and Isaac become faculty advisors for the school’s literary magazine, their professional relationship evolves. Despite the strict code of conduct forbidding faculty fraternization, they delve into a secret affair—until Simon arrives.

Isaac’s violent ex threatens not only their careers, but also John’s life. His PTSD triggered, John must come to terms with that bloody day on College Green while Isaac must accept the heartbreak his secrets have wrought.

John is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written, and Isaac is all of us, helplessly watching the horror of our modern world while trying to piece together the man he loves.

This beauty will be available December 9, and I’m equally excited and terrified because this is a novel rife with tough stuff. Tragic death is terrible; what happens to the people left behind?

Now, the fun part:

I’m giving away TWO advance review eBook copies of We Still Live. To enter my little contest, comment on this blog post!!

One caveat: if you enter, that means you’re promising to review We Still Live on Goodreads and Amazon once you’re finished reading. Cool? Cool.


One thought on “WE STILL LIVE cover reveal and giveaway

  1. Sara, you’ve probably knocked another one out of the park! So happy for you, and I totally agree about the cover! Luminous!

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