Escape Trilogy

The Escape Trilogy Fantasy Movie Cast

I know it’s totally unrealistic for everyone to be hot, but this is my series and everyone is hot. Take THAT.

With the release of Escaping Mortality imminent (Monday, people), I thought it was time I revealed the actors I pictured while writing the dark, tempestuous love story of Andrew and Edmund. Since the beginning, these boys have been through a lot, including but not limited to: exile, shipwreck, cannibals, New Orleans gangsters, hungry vampires, and finally a life-threatening injury in the middle of the ocean.

In Escaping Mortality, nothing gets easier. In fact, things get more difficult (or, if I wanted to make a sex joke, harder). Will love prevail? Can Andrew save his beloved sailor one more time … or will Edmund have to do the saving? Find out Monday.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy of Escaping Mortality HERE. Also in the meantime, enjoy the fantasy movie cast. AND!!! AND!!! Let me know who you pictured while reading! I would love to hear!


Alexander Skarsgard as Andrew, our vampire hero

Ever since True Blood, this dude has been under my skin (and I wouldn’t mind him under my shirt). As a vampire, Andrew is a balance of sex and danger. He (used to) play with his victims, and this bad behavior got him exiled in the first place. Then, he meets Edmund and becomes a softie … sort of. Not really. He’s still just as dangerous, but he’s also desperately in love and will fight to protect what’s his. Skarsgard is the perfect mix of bad boy with a sensitive side. He’s my perfect Andrew (especially with those abs. Sweet baby Jesus).

Timothee Chalamet as Edmund, seventh Duke of Wilshire and shipwrecked sailor

True, Edmund is a brilliant naturalist and skilled sailor when he washes up on Andrew’s island in book one, but he’s also terribly pretty. He’s a funny guy, a friendly guy, unless you piss him off, which is when the unexpected Bad Ass Factor appears. I see this duality in Chalamet (although, I realize, we gotta age him up a couple years). He’s super pretty and sweet, but he gets this “I’m sexy and I know it” look in his eyes sometimes that knocks a girl over. Edmund is sweet and beautiful, but he’s got serious issues that only begin surfacing in book two. In book three, those issues are at the forefront, and Chalamet would rock Edmund’s bad boy side. GIF evidence:

Tilda Swinton as Michelle, coven leader, and Stuart Townsend as Felipe, her loyal love

Can’t go wrong with Tilda Swinton in anything, but she’d be a perfect match for cold-hearted vampire leader Michelle in the Escape Trilogy. True, she exiled Andrew to a tropical island, but hey, he wouldn’t have met Edmund otherwise … so maybe she’s a hero? I really do love Michelle, even when she’s bloodthirsty. And she would be terribly lonely without her constant companion Felipe, Andrew’s old friend who might enjoy a good murder even more than our leading male. After seeing Stuart Townsend play the vampire Lestat, I’m convinced he actually is a vampire and would therefore be perfect for the role of fancy boy Felipe.

Gabriel Byrne as the Elder, Brien

There’s something agelessly sexy about Gabriel Byrne. I would have humped him in the 1980s; I’d hump him now. Although Brien, our Elder, doesn’t show much emotion, there’s a depth to his character that expresses eternity. He’s drawn to Edmund (much to Andrew’s dismay), but that is the relationship between maker and sire. However, Brien is hiding something, isn’t he? Wonder what it is …

Miranda Richardson as Lady Patricia and Mary Steenburgen as Evelyn, Edmund’s mum

Edmund’s mother is ill in the English countryside, which is why they rush to her in book three. True, she and Edmund have been at odds, considering she saw his sexual escapades as something to be “healed.” But she’s still his mother, and Edmund still loves her. Lady Patricia, on the other hand, is pure evil wrapped in a religious bow. I loved Richardson in Sleepy Hollow, so she thoroughly inspired Lady Patricia. Steenburgen impressed me as a semi-villain in Justified, so she works here as Edmund’s ailing mum, showcasing tough love with a side of madness.

Kevin Adrian as sweetie boy Flynn

I’m already getting screams from readers that Flynn needs his own book. This beautiful blood slave has the entire coven under his thrall … but sad boy only has eyes for Edmund. Flynn is so sweet and so soft with his floofy red hair and pouty lips. Adrian has the perfect look for our dear human. Is there more to come for heartbroken Flynn? One never knows.

Okay, I did my part. What do you think of the fantasy movie cast? Who do you think would make a perfect Andrew, Edmund, Brien, Flynn ….? Do tell!

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Escaping Mortality. Book birthday is MONDAY!

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