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Now Available: “Life without Harry”

Cover by Katie Purcell.
Cover by Katie Purcell.

About the Book:
Xanax-dependent author Samantha Elliot is on deadline with a literary festival three weeks away when a white owl flies into her windshield and then disappears. This wouldn’t be the strangest thing, if not for the magic wand that soon shows up and the Invisibility Cloak that just happens to make Sam invisible.

Then, there’s Paul Rudolph: the office crush who finally asks her on a date. With the help of anti-depressants and her friend, Julie, Sam must navigate an ever-escalating world of Harry Potter and an ever-hotter relationship with Paul while finishing a manuscript before her agent (who might be Voldemort) arrives for the literary festival … and possibly Sam’s head.

How to Get Your Copy:
Life without Harry is available on Amazon.

Why Today?
I met my husband four years ago today. I consider August 14th the luckiest day of my life.

What Can You Do?

Tell your friends!!! Happy reading!

29 thoughts on “Now Available: “Life without Harry”

  1. Sara – great quote, but it wasn’t Hemingway who said it. The late Red Smith, a legendary sports columnist for the New York Times is quoted as: “There’s nothing to writing. You just sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”

    How many years ago did we meet in Toledo?

    Congrats on your FIRST book!


  2. Yes, please!! I love it! Pdf also…because I have no idea what other options I have. Lol!
    Best of luck to your other book!

  3. I would love a copy and am looking forward to a good read. And yes, I do love the Harry Potter series so am sure to enjoy! I’ll give you some great candles in exchange for a your book. I need it in pdf I guess… Merci!! Let’s meet for coffee soon. Debi

  4. I can’t wait to read it! What a lovely idea writers supporting writers – absolutely a must. Love your generous and engaging post, will you write my “about the book” whenever that happens? I hope so!

  5. I would love to read this in PDF format, I have such a hard time facing reality when book series end. I am very good at suspending my disbelief…a bit too good at it I am afraid. Thank you

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